You Winning Life

Ep. 119- "Are You Trustworthy" with Ari Galper

January 24, 2022 Jason Wasser, LMFT Season 1 Episode 119
You Winning Life
Ep. 119- "Are You Trustworthy" with Ari Galper
Show Notes

Ari Galper is now the most sought-after trust-based selling authority among
major corporations (Citibank, Telstra, General Electric, etc) as well as for
small to medium-sized businesses worldwide.
His new book "Unlock The Sales Game" has become an instant best- seller among business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe.

His profound discovery of shifting one's mindset to a place of complete integrity, based on new words and phrases grounded in sincerity, has earned him distinction as the world's
leading authority on how to build trust in the world of selling.
Ari's deep understanding of human communication and how it can be maximized in the sales process has lead him to discover the solution to the most dreaded selling experience of
all: personal rejection.

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