You Winning Life

Ep.168- "Eliminating Your Mental Barriers" with Erin Pheil

October 02, 2023 Jason Wasser, LMFT Season 1 Episode 168
You Winning Life
Ep.168- "Eliminating Your Mental Barriers" with Erin Pheil
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Show Notes

After obtaining a BA in Psychology and MA in Digital Media, Erin founded and ran an award-winning and nationally-ranked web agency for 16 years, working with an impressive portfolio of clients ranging from world-renowned philosophers to Fortune 500 companies. She then went on to found MindFix after healing herself from a multi-year experience with chronic pain, anxiety, and depression, creating a company so unique in its effectiveness her team regularly hears “This has been the single best investment I’ve made in my entire life.” (See the full “How MindFix came to be” story below).

Erin’s work and words have been featured in books, magazines, podcasts, webinars, newspaper columns, events, and conferences. She delivers keynote talks, workshops, retreats and presentations on human behavior and rapid transformation, has helped clients achieve incredible public successes (such as presenting on Shark Tank), works with the founders of 7-, 8- and 9-figure businesses, is Kolbe and DiSC certified, holds an EO Global Speaker Certification, and has blended her knowledge of a wide variety of modalities into a powerful and unique experience for those passionate about optimizing what’s not optimal in their lives.

Erin has studied with the leaders of a variety of personal and professional development programs ranging from Sandler Training to EOS to NeverBoss to LEAP to Strategic Coach.  In her free time, she is passionate about mountain biking and snowboarding in the mountains of Colorado.

She can be found

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