You Winning Life

Ep.167- "Find Your Flow" with Dr. Holly Middleton

August 31, 2023 Jason Wasser, LMFT Season 1 Episode 167
You Winning Life
Ep.167- "Find Your Flow" with Dr. Holly Middleton
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Show Notes

Holly is a movement coach, a graduate of Canada's National Ballet School, and a National and World Champion amateur salsa dancer.  She helps high-achieving people uplevel their performance by fine-tuning their movement patterns using neuroplasticity.  Her  work uses modalities that remind the brain of movements it has avoided since an injury, in order to reverse the root cause of poor performance. She focuses holistically on what’s missing in the gait cycle from head to toe, what pieces of movement the body has stopped occupying, and use targeted breathing to correct postural imbalances and proper whole-body integration.

You can connect with her here and watch her Youtube here

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