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Ep.165- "Shift On Demand" with Dr. Sean Sullivan

August 03, 2023 Jason Wasser, LMFT Season 1 Episode 165
You Winning Life
Ep.165- "Shift On Demand" with Dr. Sean Sullivan
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Show Notes

Dr. Sean Sullivan is a licensed clinical psychologist and founder and CEO of OnePerfect, an enterprise mental health and wellness platform that delivers personalized mindset ’shifting’ experiences called Shifts. 

Dr. Sullivan began his formal psychology education at Harvard University and completed it with a psychology residency at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center and postdoctoral training based at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). He has since been featured extensively in national and international publications including The New York Times, Forbes, and Huffington Post, to name a few.

Dr. Sullivan’s clinical research focuses on applying technology to improve mental health — particularly by teaching anyone how to shift their state of mind on demand. As a psychotherapist for over twenty years, he also wrote popular psychology books and articles and created countless digital mental health, wellness, and peak performance psychology courses, apps, tools, and virtual reality (VR) treatments. 

Based on researching the impact of teaching his patients how to strategically shift their state of mind in a few minutes anytime (i.e. ‘shifting’), Dr. Sullivan developed Shift TherapyTM to guide anyone through shifting into a better state of mind from their smartphone in under 10 minutes anytime. 

Demonstrating a major endorsement for shifting, the Regents of University of California approved piloting Shifts at University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) during the pandemic. After two years of successful pilots, UCSC’s Health Center subscribed their entire 20,000+ member community to receive Shifts in 2023.

Dr. Sullivan believes teaching ‘shifting’ is the best way to address the massive US and worldwide mental health and unhappiness crisis we currently face.

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