You Winning Life

Ep.161- Have a Brighter Day with Elliot Kallen

July 06, 2023 Jason Wasser, LMFT Season 1 Episode 161
You Winning Life
Ep.161- Have a Brighter Day with Elliot Kallen
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Show Notes

Elliot Kallen is the president and founder of A Brighter Day, a charity he founded in memory of his youngest son, Jake. This charity aims to unite stress and depression resources with teenagers throughout Bay Area.

As to date, Elliot has helped raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for this charity and has helped gather volunteers to help fight suicide.

In this episode, Elliot shares:

◈ The story behind his charity, A Brighter Day.

◈ His goals to fight and stop depression and suicide among teens.

◈ How people can connect to advocate for mental wellness and emotional uplifting 

[00:03:09] The story of the charity… A sad story.

[00:03:14] A tragedy.

[00:05:12] Taking action.

00:05:40] We’re always gonna be victims… What can we do to change lives?

00:05:58] A concept of starting a charity called “A Brighter Day”

[00:08:38] They can talk every day of the week with a counselor in all the 50 states for at least 45 minutes.

[00:08:57] B.R.I.G.H.T.E.R to 741-741.

 [00:09:01] “Am I the only one feeling this way?”

[00:09:48] Getting an appointment.

[00:09:54] People that need help.

[00:34:13] Emotional connection.

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