You Winning Life

Ep. 149- "Be Ready For Anything" with Spartan Race Founder Joe DeSena

December 15, 2022 Jason Wasser, LMFT Season 1 Episode 149
You Winning Life
Ep. 149- "Be Ready For Anything" with Spartan Race Founder Joe DeSena
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Show Notes

A few months ago, I had the honor of hearing Joe DeSena speak at a GoBundance event and decided to recommit to my physical health for the 2023 year. 

Joe is the founder and CEO of Spartan Race, a series of obstacle races of varying distance and difficulty ranging from 3 miles to marathon distances. An entrepreneur since his preteens where he started selling fireworks, He also had a t-shirt business in high school and then a multi-million pool business in college. 

Joe De Sena grew up in Howard Beach, Queens, with his mother Jean, a yoga aficionado, and his father, Ralph was a business owner. Joe eventually moved with his mother and sister to Ithaca, NY, and four years out of high school he attended Cornell University. He eventually restarted the pool cleaning business and later sold it for $500,000. Following this, he began a career on Wall Street. At a brokerage firm De Sena worked as an equities and derivatives trader and engaged various outdoor activities ranging from multiple IronMan races to the Iditarod by foot.

Joe is an lifelong Entrepreneur, Author, Racer, Trainer, and co-host of Spartan Up podcast.

In this episode, Joe shares insights into:

◈ What needs to be done to be fit.

◈ How to get beyond the fear factor.

◈ Tactics and strategies to having an amazing family

◈ Challenging yourself by signing up for a Spartan Race, joining Jason's team ( link below) to fundraise for charity!

[00:01:47]- Cleaning the pool.

[00:04:54]- We’re all addicted to something.

[00:07:23]- We’re going to do what needs to be done when our backs against the wall.

[00:09:01]- “Drink more water.”

[00:10:38]- Go to bed early, wake up early.

[00:14:12]- “Fear and inaction.”

[00:16:58]- Merging personality.

[00:20:15]- “Sign up for something hard.”

[00:22:32]- “Tactics and strategies to having an amazing family.”

[00:26:22]- Preparing kids for the future.

[00:27:39]- Kids can be upset now or be a failure later.

[00:30:35]- Softer military.

[00:31:37]- Sweating before breakfast.

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