You Winning Life

Ep. 148- The Big 5 For Life with John Strelecky

November 24, 2022 Jason Wasser, LMFT Season 1 Episode 148
You Winning Life
Ep. 148- The Big 5 For Life with John Strelecky
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Show Notes

John Strelecky has authored many best-selling inspirational books, including The Cafe on the Edge of the World, Life Safari, The Big Five for Life series, and many more. His purpose is to create museum day moments for himself and others.

Born in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois,  as a youngster, he dreamed of being an adventurer and traveling the world. For almost a decade, he held two and three jobs at a time–trying to make enough money to pay for training to become a pilot.

In this episode, John talks about:

◈ How you have the power to change your situation to a better one.

◈ What he calls Museum Day.

◈ His book The Big Five for Life and other books.

[00:03:05]- Major “left turns” in the path of life.

[00:08:07]- “Just change the channel.”

[00:10:27]- 28,000 days.

[00:13:39]- Challenge every single belief you hold.

[00:14:33]- “Anger is a manifestation of fear.”

[00:17:58]- Look for those little lifehacks.

[00:20:58]- If you spend your time on the channels that you can’t stand, you are not happy.

[00:22:15]- Maybe being a good guy is actually the wrong path.

[00:23:48]- Cosmic algorithm of the universe.

[00:27:26]- Whatever you eat provides energy to your body.

[00:29:57]- Museum day.

[00:33:50]- Spend quality minutes that will make you happy.

[00:35:19]- Winning life for John.

[00:37:36]- Allocation of energy and time.

[00:39:58]- Flying analogy of life.

[00:41:46]- Once you know how simple it is, you get the wisdom.

[00:43:26]- The Café on the Edge of the World.

[00:44:23]- The Big Five for Life.

[00:45:14]- Life Safari.

[00:46:32]- “You already know your big five for life.”

[00:49:28]- Do things that will get you closer to your big five for life.

[00:50:49]- “Two general philosophies of purpose.”

[00:53:33]- Demonstrate that you’re capable of the task and you’re committed.

[00:57:01]- Two choices in life in those moments of coincidence.

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