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Ep. 145- Reimagining Innovation with Costa Michailidis

November 03, 2022 Jason Wasser, LMFT Season 1 Episode 145
You Winning Life
Ep. 145- Reimagining Innovation with Costa Michailidis
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Show Notes

Costa Michailidis cofounded Innovation Bound, a company whose mission is to find, inspire, and support the world’s innovators.

Costa began life as a creative misfit, using his imagination to spur havoc, laughter, and the occasional unintended success. Come to think of it, he hasn’t changed much over the years.

Some of his adventures include working with NASA scientists to reimagine the search for life beyond Earth, designing innovation tournaments inside of Fortune 500 companies to seed innovation projects, speaking at the United Nations in New York as part of the first TEDx event there, working with a group of cyber security experts to make recommendations to the Obama Administration, and that’s just the compulsory who’s who. Some of the most impactful and beautiful work he’s done has been with college students, young entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations. Costa is an innovator, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, web developer, and free diving instructor.

In this episode, Costa shares insights into:

◈ figuring out how to remove negative self-talk.

◈ the first steps in building creativity little by little into a better business.

◈ a skill that they teach in training innovation skills.

[00:03:37]- Negative self-talk.

[00:06:49]- Cycle length.

[00:09:26]- It’s time for compassion, responsibility, and rebuilding.

[00:10:52]- Encourage innovators to not return to safety, keep thinking big, stay the course.

[00: 14:07]- When it all started.

[00:19:32]- Self-motivated vs motivated by external incentive.

[00:24:21]- “Take off the achiever hat, put on the learner hat.”

[00:25:44]- “Figure out what your culture is first.”

[00:28:56]- Building better business cases.

[00:33:09]- There’s no such thing as “the” idea.

[00:34:35]- Come up with lots of ideas.

[00:36:49]- “Coming up with an idea for the spicy wall.”

[00:42:54]- Start with a technical skill.

[00:44:54]- “T-shaped or π-shaped people.”

[00:50:14]- Ask who am I.

[00:53:22]- Serenity skill in freediving.

[00:57:50]- Different courses offered.

[01:02:56]- Working at home.

[01:05:20]- Innovation Bound has been virtual for years.

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