You Winning Life

Ep.142- The Bridge To Deeper Connection with Shari Foos

October 13, 2022 Jason Wasser, LMFT Season 1 Episode 142
You Winning Life
Ep.142- The Bridge To Deeper Connection with Shari Foos
Show Notes

Shari Foos is a celebrated therapist and founder of the Narrative Method, which is a non-profit that uses personal storytelling as a means to build thoughtful human connections and deepen existing relationships.

Shari is a sought after expert therapist in the subject of relationships, remote group dynamics, and meaningful connection. Her writing and commentary have appeared in a range of online and printed publications and podcast. She also founded The Narrative Method, creates programs, products and experiences that addresses the growing isolation and need for real connection through sharing stories. Shari also co-founded “The Bridge” in 1999.

Shari is a Marriage and Family Therapist, educator, activist, writer, and improvisational artist.
 In this episode, Shari shares insights into:

◈ Way of connecting to people.

◈ Connection between psychology and neurology.

◈ How to manage getting through the challenges in the world.


[00:02:07]- The Narrative medicine.

[00:03:32]- The Narrative therapy.

[00:03:54]- The Narrative Method.

[00:05:55]- Empowering ourselves.

[00:06:17]- It’s not therapy, it’s connecting to other people.

[00:10:02]- Empathy: The way to learn is putting yourself aside when connecting to other people.

[00:13:20]- Understanding the link between mind and body.

[00:18:06]- Everything about psychology.

[00:19:55]- Paying for effective healthcare.

[00:22:15]- You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

[00:24:47]- Expectation leading to a quick change.

[00:30:16]- How to survive the challenges in the world.

[00:31:35]- Expanding your perspective.

[00:36:20]- Connecting people through zoom.

[00:39:29]- How to deal with insults.

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