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Ep.140- Diet Is a Four-Letter Word with Risa Groux

September 29, 2022 Jason Wasser, LMFT Season 1 Episode 140
You Winning Life
Ep.140- Diet Is a Four-Letter Word with Risa Groux
Show Notes

Risa Groux is a Functional Nutritionist and Certified Autoimmune Coach

Risa is the author of “Foodframe: Diet Is a Four-Letter Word”, a guide to using functional nutrition to help identify root causes of health issues so that you can eat according to your needs. She also developed the “FoodFrame™ method”, “Risa’s Recipes”, and “RGN products” to quickly determine an appropriate nutrition plan based on symptoms and health concerns physically apparent in each person’s own body and daily experiences.

Risa is a mother, a nutritionist and Certified Coach.

In this episode, Risa shares insights into:

◈ The 4 Pillars of Functional Nutrition.

◈ Why Vitamin D is important.

◈ FoodFrame!

[00:01:31]- Getting into Functional Nutrition.

[00:03:48]- 4 Pillars of Functional Nutrition.

[00:05:14]- Two foundational health issues.

[00:10:17]- Looking at the data.

[00:11:10]- Systemic Inflamation.

[00:17:00]- Cytokines.

[00:18:35]- The importance of vitamin D.

[00:24:30]- Food Matters!

[00:28:18]- See the doctor, get a candy.

[00:35:55]- Too little Acid. 

[00:41:00]- Emotions and diet.

[00:44:47]- FoodFrame!

[00:50:46]- Information is Key.

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