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Ep.138: Live Life Untethered with Heather Wickman

September 01, 2022 Jason Wasser, LMFT Season 1 Episode 138
You Winning Life
Ep.138: Live Life Untethered with Heather Wickman
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Show Notes

Heather Wickman is the founder of Untethered, holds a PhD in Organizational Systems – Leading Transformational Change, an MA in Human Resources and Organizational Development, and a BS in Human Resource Development .

Heather is a Minnesota gal, born and raised near Walnut, she worked with companies such as Optum, Envision Healthcare, DaVita Medical Group and have led and consulted leaders in many Executive level positions at over 20 companies. Many of her clients have struggled with navigating change and uncertainty, making massive career transitions, and building highly engaged and top-performing teams.

Heather is an executive coach, founder, and bestselling author.

In this episode, Heather shares insights into:

◈ What is Plant Medicine.

◈ Natural receptors for plant medicine and the Ayahuasca Experience.

◈ How to find happiness.

[00:01:54]- Getting to know plant medicine.

[00:06:48]- What is Plant Medicine.

[00:10:00]- Talking people out of it.

[00:12:42]- Rational brain to rational brain.

[00:15:40]- Purging of plant medicine.

[00:17:29]- Macro and Micro dose.

[00:19:28]- Natural receptors for plant medicine.

[00:22:30]- Ayahuasca experience.

[00:27:00]- Set and Setting.

[00:31:20]- The leadership of Untethered and plant medicine.

[00:37:17]- Happiness isn’t about what you did in school.

[00:44:00]- Working together with Untethered.

[00:47:25]- Growth is a Team sports.

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