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Ep. 137-Rise Above Chaos with Erick Rheam

August 18, 2022 Jason Wasser, LMFT Season 1 Episode 137
You Winning Life
Ep. 137-Rise Above Chaos with Erick Rheam
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Show Notes

Erick Rheam is a graduate of the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York.

Erick spent five years as a Military Police Officer, nine years working for two municipally owned utilities, ten years in software efficiency sales, two years as the Director of Student Success for a professional speaking development company, and now he’s a full-time professional speaker and author. His vision is to help busy professional men and women rediscover their passion, so that they can redefine their purpose and gain the courage to act. 

Erick is a professional speaker and author. 

In this episode, Erick shares insights into:

◈ What it meant to be a Professional Speaker.

◈ The catalyst of growing up.

◈ The 5 principles to master human dynamics.

[00:02:25]- Jason Was A "Professional Jew."

[00:06:15]- Being in the military.

[00:08:17]- Fitting in.

[00:13:10]- The scaling up component.

[00:14:18]- Managing expectations.

[00:15:33]- Beliefs, assumptions and expectations.

[00:18:04]- Doing things because of Love.

[00:20:40]- External and internal motivation.

[00:23:30]- Honoring a beloved with actions and decisions.

[00:26:50]- The impact of coaching in people’s lives.

[00:28:30]- Becoming a Professional Speaker.

[00:32:09]- Therapy internship.

[00:33:18]- “When you’re living something that’s authentic, when you’re doing something that’s authentic, your 50%, what you believe is 50% of ‘what you’re capable of’ is probably still going to be better than someone else’s 98%.”

[00:33:44]- You don’t need to do all things to survive, focus on what you’re good at.

[00:38:11]- The principles of discovering significance and living in peace.

[00:42:00]- The 5 principles to master human dynamics. 

[00:47:20]- The endgame for any human being. 
[00:48:30]- Living the life of significance.

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