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Ep. 135- Become An Inside Tracker To Hack Your Health with Royi Metser

August 04, 2022 Jason Wasser, LMFT Season 1 Episode 135
You Winning Life
Ep. 135- Become An Inside Tracker To Hack Your Health with Royi Metser
Show Notes

Royi Metser has been with InsideTracker for more than 6 years, and is the Director, Business Development at InsideTracker.


Royi grew up in a house where his parents are adopters of the organic food movement making Royi a big health and wellness person. Royi will also only recommend InsideTracker after using the app himself and experiencing firsthand how it can change your take on health and nutrition.

Royi is an investment banker turned Director of Business Development helping people take charge of their Health and Wellness.


In this episode, Royi shares insights into:

◈ Taking control of your health with personalized healthcare.

◈ The InsideTracker app.

◈ What works for your health.


[00:01:54]- What got Royi into InsideTracker app.

[00:07:01]- Started with building muscles and health.

[00:09:46]- Personalized healthcare.

[00:10:44]- “What works for you and what’s right for you is not necessarily what’s going to work and what’s right for me.”

[00:11:29]- What InsideTracker does.

[00:17:05]- Vitamin deficiency.

[00:19:45]- “The key is not to guess. The key is to measure so that you can optimize. You can’t optimize what you don’t measure.”

[00:20:23]- Results of InsideTracker personally.

[00:24:11]- Results of InsideTracker for others.

[00:28:40]- Start with nutrition and lifestyle.

[00:29:25]- “I think the best approach is focus on yourself, understand what’s happening inside your body, and then follow recommendations that are backed by strong evidence that are right for you to improve the things that your body uniquely needs to improve.”

[00:30:02]- InsideTracker walkthrough.

[00:32:38]- Taking care of your own Health!

[00:33:13]- Papers published with InsideTracker data.

[00:34:28]- What’s next with InsideTracker.

[00:35:48]- InsideTracker website.

[00:37:00]- Getting a blood test.

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