You Winning Life

Ep.131- Never Try To Time The Market with GoBundance Member Ryan Chaw

July 07, 2022 Jason Wasser, LMFT Season 1 Episode 131
You Winning Life
Ep.131- Never Try To Time The Market with GoBundance Member Ryan Chaw
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Show Notes

Sponsored by OnAir Brands, this interview is one of a series of conversations I had while attending GoBundance Miami in May 2022.

Ryan Chaw started investing by buying one house a year and renting by the room in college towns which doubles the rent and scale a portfolio that makes almost $18k a month!

Ryan’s grandfather was able to retire early and paid off part of his and his brother’s college tuition because of real estate. This motivated Ryan to build up a rental portfolio. After graduating in 2015, he worked in both a retail pharmacy and a hospital pharmacy to save up capital. In 2016, he bought his first property for $262,000. It was a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house over 100 years old.

Ryan is a newbie real-estate investing expert, pharmacist turned investor.

In this episode, Ryan shares insights into:

◈ How real-estate can build wealth.

◈ Capital, research, tenant problems.

◈ Being a Self-taught Real-Estate Investor.

[00:01:35]- Transition to real-estate.

[00:02:03]- 4 ways real-estate builds wealth.

[00:05:05]- Real-estate background.

[00:06:11]- Why you’re not happy.

[00:07:40]- Where to start your real-estate journey, building a capital.

[00:08:06]- “Fighting in two fronts.”

[00:09:17]- “House hack.”

[00:12:50]- Where you start your research, GOOGLE!

[00:14:57]- The Achilles’ heel of real-estate investing, the tenants.

[00:17:29]- Getting connected with GoBundance.

[00:21:20]- W2 to financial freedom.

[00:23:29]- Picking a career, picking an identity.

[00:27:59]- Self-taught Real-estate investor.

[00:28:45]- Real-estate terms.

[00:33:21]- Newbie Real-estate investing.

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