You Winning Life

Ep.125- The Keys To Small Business and Clinical Success with Dr. Ronda Nelson

May 11, 2022 Jason Wasser, LMFT Season 1 Episode 125
You Winning Life
Ep.125- The Keys To Small Business and Clinical Success with Dr. Ronda Nelson
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Show Notes

As a long-time clinician and business owner, Dr. Ronda Nelson helps practitioners get transformative results for their patients while building the most profitable practices for themselves.  She focuses on 3 aspects of a clinical practitioners needs, marketing, clinical consulting and efficient business systems.

She and I first met years ago when I took my first Clinical Nutrition training sponsored by a major supplement company. Her expertise on Functional Blood Chemistry blew me away and she simply explained how so many common health challenges can be resolved.It led me to further my passion of integrative and functional nutrition as a therapist.

We recently reconnected on social media and this conversation is the outcome of how far both of us have grown personally and professionally since that time!

We discuss:

  • The pain points of owning and running a small business
  • How to be clear on who your business exists to serve
  • How to prequalify your clients
  • The importance of integrative nutrition 
  • Why there is really no such thing as competition
  • Finding supportive communities of like-minded individuals

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